Grit History Series B Collection

An open format, open type collection. The Grit History Series is an ongoing project by Baseline Fonts. The collection offers historic type specimens, revivals and new typefaces for use. Grit History Series B offers many typefaces all defined by contextual references and seamless integration.



Design Date
Total Weights
Weight Styles
Grit Gothic Regular, Grit Gothic Bold, Grit Sans Regular, Grit Sans Bold, Heirloom ArtCraft Thin, Heirloom ArtCraftThin Italic, Book, Heirloom ArtCraftBook Italic, Heirloom ArtCraftDemi, Heirloom ArtCraftDemi Italic, Heirloom ArtCraftBlack, Heirloom ArtCraftBlack Italic, Stately GG Front, Stately GG Back, Worn Gothic Regular, Worn Gothic Bold, Worn Gothic Black