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All Fonts

All Fonts

Dusty Circus™ is a five layer stacking display face designed to be infinitely morphed. The me..
Dusty Circus – $49.00 | weight
Dusty Circus™ LTD is a short set for non-commercial use only and combines two of the layers w..
Dusty Circus LTD – $0.00 | weight
A notable typeface offering dimension and warm character.  What defines a rugged, characteristi..
Worn Gothic – $69.00 | weight
Sketchwriter™ is a terribly fun hand-drawn typeface designed with many uses in mind. At small poi..
Sketchwriter – $24.00 | weight
Megaflakes™ 2011 is a geometric set. Looks like this might become a tradition for Baseline Fonts...
MegaFlakes 2011 – $20.00 | weight
Snowflakes and doodles to complement any design on the fly. ..
MegaFlakes 2010 – $20.00 | weight
Grit Type Sorts – $0.00 | weight
The Grit History Series is based on woodtype and letterpress samples found in letterpress sho..
Slab American – $59.00 | weight
Base_PXL7 is designed as a pseudo-pixelfont. Sure, you can use it at 7 points an..
Base_PXL7 – $24.00 | weight
Licious Script is based on old letterpress standards utilized for logotypes. Licious is..
Licious Script – $39.00 | weight
Tuscan is a classic western-style typeface. The distressed versions include extended character se..
Tuscan – $39.00 | weight
66 Rodeo is ideally suited to capture attention and intrigue the viewer. The crisp, rugged angles..
66 Rodeo – $39.00 | weight
Grit Gothic is a brilliantly condensed face perfect for a multitude of applications. ..
Grit Gothic – $59.00 | weight
Maxime™ opentype is designed to support a myriad of languages with a typographic offering of ..
Maxime – $36.00 | weight
Chitchy is a rough-hewn heavyweight display face perfect for headlines and emphasis body copy..
Chitchy – $24.00 | weight
Grit Sans is a geometric sans typeface perfect for a multitude of applications. ..
Grit Sans – $59.00 | weight
The Momentum family of typefaces is not for the faint of heart. Although difficult to spot at..
Momentum – $69.00 | weight
The Woodgrit family could originally be found on broadsides (posters, playbills) throughout t..
Woodgrit – $99.00 | weight
Regular and thin weights of this family impart a sense of character and whimsy to the utterly sto..
Boback – $39.00 | weight
The Heirloom Artcraft series is derived from many imaged specimens that have been optically remas..
Heirloom Artcraft – $149.00 | weight
Old Paris Nouveau is based on letterpress stylings of modern roman alphabets from the 1920s. Adap..
Old Paris Nouveau – $49.00 | weight
CircusKS is a new, original typeface based on carnival and circus posters from the late 1800s..
CircusKS – $24.00 | weight
Stately GG is a redrawn version of Grit Gothic™ from the Grit History™ Series B Collection by Bas..
Stately GG – $59.00 | weight
The Old Times American Family is derived from several letterpress books from the 1880s in the..
Old Times American – $119.00 | weight
Yes, there are even lowercase letters & numbers and diacriticals for foreign language support..
Grit Egyptienne – $39.00 | weight
Brian Miller is a graphic designer who loves hillbilly culture, which is what inspired his po..
Country Fang – $39.00 | weight
An open format, open type collection. The Grit History Series is an ongoing project by Baseline F..
Grit History Series B Collection – $299.00 | weight
Pippen is designed for high legibility, and offers a retro/groovy feel for many applications. ..
Pippen – $29.00 | weight
A practical yet unique display face designed to offer attention-getting headlines and an alternat..
57 Rodeo – $24.00 | weight
From scrapbooking to intensive graphic design applications, Craft Roman is a wonderful choice..
Craft Roman – $24.00 | weight
Rodeo Rope is a must-have for anyone wanting a classic 50s styling or over-the-top kitsch. ..
Rodeo Rope – $24.00 | weight
80s PXL is a computer font designed to emulate computer terminals from the early 80s. Outline..
80s PXL – $29.00 | weight
Pia is a new typeface named in honor of one of the most fun people we know, Sophia Williams a..
Pia – $24.00 | weight
Dryden is a distressed typeface perfect for a rough-hewn handwritten effect. Perhaps more impress..
Dryden – $39.00 | weight
Luxe is a casual, script style font designed to provide hep and playful results. Extend..
Luxe – $24.00 | weight
58 Rodeo: A Classic Redefined 58 Rodeo is based on several different woodtypes used primarily as d..
58 Rodeo – $24.00 | weight
Roundhand – $24.00 | weight
George Gibson is based on handwriting samples dating back to mid-1800s England. The fon..
George Gibson – $24.00 | weight
Rodeo Rope Superchunk is a heavier version of Rodeo Rope, also by Baseline Fonts. Super..
Rodeo Rope Superchunk – $29.00 | weight
Antimony is a stylized grunge font offering strong, legible vertical height. Based on letterp..
Antimony – $24.00 | weight
Grit Primer is a distressed, aged typeface resurrected from letterpress samples of schoolhous..
Grit Primer – $39.00 | weight
Introducing Rough Egyptienne, a typeface offering versatility and rugged flair while always remai..
Rough Egyptienne – $24.00 | weight
AVISans™ features ultra-thin to thick, beautiful geometric forms with a clean nature and..
Avi Sans – $149.00 | weight
Kandt is based on the handwriting of legendary Art Director James Kandt. ..
Kandt – $39.00 | weight