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About Baseline Fonts

Nathan Williams, founder of Baseline Fonts, spent most of his time at the University of Kansas Art Museum Library and Print Research Department in college.

Nathan was a quick study at printing methods, graphic design and reverse-engineering of undocumented printing methods. While attending the University, he developed an affinity for typography and began creating fonts from historic samples. In 2005 he launched Baseline Fonts as a digital foundry.

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Hipster Gold

"Typography is the use of type to advocate, communicate, celebrate, educate, elaborate, illuminate, and disseminate. Along the way, the words and pages become art.”
– James Felici, The Complete Manual of Typography

Baseline Creative

Founded in 2006, Baseline Creative began as a website development company but over the years it has grown into a multi-disciplinary creative agency.

Brand strategy, creative services and implementation are the backbones of our business. Our focus is on building great relationships with our clients through mutual respect and stellar work.