About Us

Ben Voth
Ben Voth is the force behind the website. Armed with a degree in Computer Science and an affinity for all things related to databases, code, innumerable scripting languages and the capacity for being extremely intuitive and patient, Mr. Voth singlehandedly provides the web development platform beauty, sophistication, and virtually-error-free-performance.

Ben is also a respected member of numerous organizations and a proponent of cutting-edge platforms to deliver technology to users.

When Ben isn't creating innovative solutions for clients, he enjoys many activities from playing with his brilliant dog Stanley and holding hands with his amazing wife, Anna. A talented musician and respected poster of "faces in places", Ben is an extremely intelligent, amazing, all-around phenomenal human being.

Since 2006, he has been the lead developer for the Baseline Creative, Inc. team.



Brian Miller
Brian Miller is the Vice President at Gardner Design in Wichita, Kansas. Brian is a typographic powerhouse and a creative design force to be reckoned with, working on innumerable national and international brands. Mr. Miller developed Country Fang with Baseline Fonts in 2003 and continues to provide insight and feedback on new typographic releases.

More links to see Brian's superhuman design skills in action: http://dribbble.com/brian-miller and http://brianmillerdesign.blogspot.com/

More information on Country Fang

Brian Miller is a graphic designer who loves hillbilly culture, which is what inspired his popular phrase, ‘country fangs!’--used to describe anyone with teeth that - well - just don't quite line up right. Git Cletus an' Jimmy Ray an' we'll hold down a piggy an' make 'er SQUEAL!!!!!--be sure t' put yer teeths in, too!

Country Fang includes multiple grit patterns and appropriate “teeth” icons to spiff up any layout on the fly.



James Kandt
James is a legendary designer and art director in Wichita, Kansas. He was the first art director for what is now one of the largest agencies in the midwest. James allowed Baseline Fonts to create versions of his architectural-style handwriting for release in 2004.

James began his career in the 1970’s as a designer and art director of print, film, illustration and typography. His work has won acclaim over the years with regional and national design recognition within the advertising community. James pioneered early computer generated motion graphics while in Hollywood, has a typeface design in his name, has been represented as an editorial illustrator, and was president of his own design firm for 15 years.

When James isn't working with clients at Triad Marketing, he is painting and printing amazing artwork that has been acquired for innumerable permanent collections and has been exhibited in several countries. You should really visit the James Kandt Studios website.


Chris Parks
While looking remarkably similar to Charlie Sheen (on a movie set, not the interviews), this would be where the similarities end. Chris Parks has worked on dozens of national and international campaigns and is one of the most respected brand architects in the midwest. If you eat, wear clothing, like to travel, or ever go to a retail store, you have seen his work.

Chris works with many respected agencies to develop logos and brand systems that innovate and propel companies to the next level. He provides endless feedback on pre-release typefaces and is a willing beta tester (his moniker is Saint Christopher) delivering insight and finding minor inconsistencies other beta testers overlook.

His attention to detail and patience have made him an invaluable resource and friend. Baseline Fonts hopes to provide some Chris Parks typefaces over the next year or so...thing is, he keeps quite busy with his day job...so we will wait patiently...

To learn more about this creative enigma, here is a good link: http://designinspiration.blogspot.com/2007/10/chris-parks.html



Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams, founder of Baseline fonts, spent most of his time at the University of Kansas Art Museum Library and Print Research Department. Nathan was consistently a miserable student, but a quick study at printing methods, graphic design and reverse-engineering of undocumented printing methods. While attending the University, he developed an affinity for typography and began creating fonts from historic samples in 1995.

Baseline is an imaginary line or standard by which things are measured or compared. In typographic terms, it refers to the lowest point on the common axis where the characters rest. The goal of the foundry is to provide uninterpreted revivals of type samples generated through disappearing printing methods, and create new fonts for dissemination in the type community.

Baseline Fonts are available through many international vendors as well as through the Baseline Fonts website.